Ministry of Environment, NEEMA and WRMA Partner with College to Save Mathare River from Degradation
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Tue, 2015-06-09 10:52

Prof. Mungai informing the representatives of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, NEEMA and WARMA about the present state of Mathari River and UNI-BIOPARK.

CAVS has further stepped up its efforts to protect the integrity of Mathare River’s riparian zone by inviting government organizations concerned with environment protection and reclamation. The mission was one - to save Mathari River from insidious degradation courtesy of   rapid massive development projects by private real estate developers who neighbor University of Nairobi farm.

Representatives of the government organizations were; Mr. Erick F.N Akotsi, Director of Urban Rivers Restoration, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. Samson Osiro, Assistant Technical Coordination Manager, Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA), Michael Muturi, Surphase Water Officer (WRMA)  and Sophie Mutemi, Environment Inspector, National Environment Management Authority (NEEMA).

Guided by Prof. David Mungai, Deputy Director, Wangari Maathai Institute (WMI), the team visited Mathare River and inspected the levels of insidious degradation caused by private developers along the river banks.

Together, they resolved to sensitize the community on the significance of protecting Mathari River. A monitoring program that entails creation of awareness and conservation of water bodies by planting indigenous trees was constituted.

Over the years, CAVS has intensified Mathare valley conservation through tree planting along the river and dam. The focus was mainly on planting indigenous trees with medicinal value. A belt of approximately 200 m from the river has been expanded through intensified tree planting.  The belt is known as UNI-BIOPARK.

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