Message from the Manager
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Greetings and welcome to the Field Station website. Please allow me to introduce you to the Field Station.

The Field Station is a 500-acre farm which supports teaching, research, and outreach activities of the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. In addition, the Farm is used for income generation to support various activities of the College. The Farm plays a critical function in providing hands-on training for students to meet current market demands for graduates to be agile – technical and practical.

Apart from providing a platform for teaching and research for the agriculture based courses at CAVS, the farm also provides an opportunity for interactive outreach and extension services by being a model farm attracting visits by individuals, groups, schools and organizations. The farm is currently embarking in modernizing its production by utilizing technologies such as greenhouse, drip irrigation, and organic production to improve productivity and product quality. The farm is also implementing high value enterprises such as, fish production, indigenous chicken production and intensive livestock production and associated waste management strategies such as composting and biogas production. By embracing these new technologies, the farm aims to increase efficiency in terms of resource utilization and reduce negative impact on the environment. Once fully implemented, these new technologies and enterprises will be used for demonstration and outreach activities.

Several CGIARs (ILRI, CIP, and ICRISAT) and national research organizations (KARI), and private companies (Kenya Seed) have collaborating research in the Field Station.  Due to these collaborations, there has been expansion of linkages to members of staff in the different departments in the college and undergraduate and graduate students.

Current commercial enterprises at the Field Station include Horticulture (Macadamia, vegetables, fruits), Livestock (beef and dairy), Fish, Indigenous Chicken, and Coffee. These enterprises are manned by highly qualified and dedicated staff that in addition to their normal duties provides technical services to farmers and other clients.

The farm undertakes marketing of its products at its sales office at Upper Kabete Campus and at main campus. The employees are dedicated to the mission of the farm and are proud to be part of its continuing success. I invite you to partner with us and sample some our produce and products.

With warm regards,

Mr.Emmanuel M.Chebon, Manager Field Station